Kuhestan Organic Farm

Magoebaskloof mountains is home to Kuhestan Organic Farm. The 4,2 ha farm is situated on the crest of the majestic Magoebaskloof pass, adjacent to the world renowned Woodbush Afro-montaine forests, a haven for exotic birds and the rare & shy Samango monkeys. The Farm was purchased in 2001 and some 700 Avocado trees were planted on 3 ha.  Of these only 150 still exist on the farm today.

In addition to the Avocados, a few other fruit trees, seasonal vegetables and herbs are grown on the farm – all organically.  The surplus fruits and vegetables are bottled in the farm’s small dedicated processing kitchen.  These freshly bottled products, which are sold at the farm shop, are preservative and chemical free.

Kuhestan Organic Farm has taken the next step towards becoming a totally environmentally friendly establishment by installing alternative energy generating systems.

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Rejuvenate Body & Soul

Kuhestan Organic Farm in Magoebaskloof offers studio-style, self-catering accommodation situated in beautiful gardens overlooking the Woodbush Forest. Our beautiful gardens are open to visitors.

Pay us a visit, experience Persian hospitality, breath-in fresh mountain air and let your soul and body refresh, rejuvenate and be up-lifted by nature.

Queenbed and sitting area