Jams, Marmalades & Topping

Carefully selected high quality fresh and exotic fruits & vegetables are blended with fragrant herbs and spices to create these 100% natural jams & marmalades.

Jams 170g


Quantities: Buy 170g Jams in multiples of 12
(can be a combination of 170g Jams, does not have to be 12 of the same)

Jams 340g


Quantities: Buy 340g Jams in multiples of 6
(can be a combination of 340g Jams, does not have to be 6 of the same)

Toppings 375ml


Quantities: Buy 375ml Toppings in multiples of 2
(can be a combination of 375ml Toppings, does not have to be 2 of the same)