Organic Produce

Avocados and raspberries are the fresh produce of Kuhestan Organic Farm. These are produced on small scale.

Avocados are supplied, mainly to an organic fruit and veg distributor in Cape Town and the entire raspberry crop is used in the farm factory.

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Please note that only some products are available for on-line purchasing. The minimum order quantity is 4 bottles or multiples of 4 bottles.

Cordials (Syrups)Preserves & ToppingsOther
Rose & RaspberryRaspberry JamPiquant pepper relish with garlic
LimeCarrot & Orange JamJalapeño Rings with garlic
Strawberry & MintStrawberry JamRaspberry  vinaigrette
ElderflowerNaranj MarmaladeDamask Rose Essence
RhubarbKiwi Jam
BlueberryPersian Lime Marmalade
MintRaspberry Topping
BlackberryCherry Jam
RaspberryFig jam
Plum Jam
Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
Spicy Tomato Jam
Quince Jam