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Organic Produce

At Kuhestan Organic Farm, a limited number and quantity of fresh produce is grown and harvested each year.  Among others, we grow avocado, raspberry, quince, plum, rhubarb, figs, blueberry, Persian lime, piquant pepper and various herbs.  All these are used in our bottled products.

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Please note that only some products are available for on-line purchasing. The minimum order quantity is 4 bottles or multiples of 4 bottles.

Cordials (Syrups) Preserves & Toppings Other
Rose & Raspberry Raspberry Jam Piquant pepper relish
Lime Carrot & Orange Jam Jalapeño Rings
Elderflower Naranj Marmalade Raspberry  vinaigrette
Rhubarb Persian Lime Marmalade Damask Rose Essence
Blueberry & Cinnamon Cherry Jam
Blackberry Quince Jam
Mint Fig jam
Strawberry & Mint Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
Raspberry Topping